Elle UK: On Phobias, Friends And What Love Feels Like

Quick-fire questions with February cover star Elle Fanning

According to IMDB Elle Fanning has taken on 55 different roles (with a further seven films coming) since her first acting gig, aged two, in I Am Sam, alongside her older sister, actress Dakota. Needless to say she’s pretty busy. Which is why ELLE’s February cover star Elle likes a quick-fire round of questions.

Here she reveals her karaoke song, what’s always in her fridge, and why she ALWAYS takes the stairs.

Favourite ever film?
Harold and Maud, it’s my favourite ever love story.

On your speed dial?
My sister – we talk a lot.

Music you play on repeat?
I LOVE Dolly Parton, she recently had a concert in New Orleans while I was there filming and I missed it but she’s the coolest.

Favourite food?
I love mac and cheese – crispy on top, creamy underneath. Mmmmm.

Best teacher?
My science teacher at school. I was actually quite good at science and he had snakes and all this cool stuff.

Feminist icon?
Sofia Coppola – she’s a woman in power and a mom and the classiest lady. And Annette Bening.

Karaoke song of choice?
No One by Alicia Keys – you can really scream it.

What does love feel like?
Love is overwhelming. In a good way, but it can overpower everything. You think about it all the time and days go by staring at your phone.

Always in your fridge?
Dr Pepper – I love it. I don’t drink much coffee so it’s my go to.

Most overused word?
I say LIKE all the time, it’s the Cali girl in me. And I say neat a lot.

Worst habit?
I used to bite my nails.

Item in wardrobe you want to keep forever?
I have these really soft red boxer shorts with a Dr Zeus pattern.

Biggest Phobia?
Elevators – I always take the stairs. I got trapped in one once.

Favourite website?
I don’t do online shopping really as I like to try the stuff on. So I guess Netflix now – I’m on it a lot. I’ve just got hooked on Making A Murderer.

Designer you’d wear forever?
I love Rodarte. I’ve known them since I was young and they’re so classy.

Dream dinner party guest?
David Blaine – I am OBSESSED. In his new documentary he catches a bullet in his teeth – and it’s insane. I don’t understand how he’s not dead!

The actress you’d love to work with?
My sister. We’d love to not play sisters but everyone says we look so alike – we don’t see it – so maybe it’d be hard.

Source: Elle UK

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