Elle Fanning Explains Why Her Instagram Account is Private

Elle Fanning Explains Why Her Instagram Account is Private

Did you know Elle Fanning has an Instagram account? We bet you did not because the Maleficent star keeps it private, and only allows her close friends and family to follow her!

But, but… why?

During an interview with i-D, the 17-year old starlet revealed she does not think her account is cool enough to share. Elle stated,

“Will a piece of me go away if I touch that button that makes it public? Who knows? But it just seems like such a hard job. People always have witty captions and great photos and mine does not look like that, at all. Oh, the pressure of being cool…”​

Oh Elle, please just hit the public button so we can follow you already! We bet you have some pretty amazing post to share, and we would love to hit “Like” right now.

Source: FanLala

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